Background: The “Tempelhofer Feld” is a disused airport right in the heart of Berlin, now accessible to the public as a park. It is one of the largest innercity green spaces in the world. Its hangars are currently housing refugees.

"The “Tempelhofer Feld” is a place full of history, - a place of constant change and movement. To me, and many other people from Berlin, it is a very significant place in our everyday lives. It represents spare time, freedom, relaxation, exchange, spending time, being together with others, communality.

Will we be able to retain this unique, public space? What kind of meaning does it have for life in Berlin? What is happening inside its hangars? Last year, the Tempelhofer-Flughafen-Bill was amended; this year container camps (refugee shelters) were erected.

It is not only the air that circulates around the field, but all the more the many social states, feelings, thoughts and stories connected to it.

My name is Julia. I’ve been living in Berlin for 10 years and am working as a social worker. I enjoy pondering questions about life alone and with others."

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